What is Let's Talk About It?

Let’s Talk About It is an initiative designed to provide practical help and guidance in order to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

We hope that by highlighting the issues and initiating discussions around the potential threats we face as a community, we can create greater understanding and wider awareness

Spotting the Signs

Individuals can be drawn towards the process of radicalisation in a number of ways, many of which may overlap.

View the list of potential vulnerabilities in individual cases of concern.

Have Concerns?

Call the Police confidentially on 101 or 0800 789 321 or click here to see other ways to contact

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Let's Talk About It
Let's Talk About It3 hours ago

Weapons attacks are rare, but remembering @vardy7 advice could keep you safe #ActionCountersTerrorism http://www.gov.uk/ACT

Let's Talk About It
Let's Talk About It6 hours ago

A need for Identity, Meaning & Belonging could be factor that makes someone vulnerable to radicalisation. Visit http://www.ltai.info/spotting-the-signs/ to find out more. #Prevent

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